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Request Support

Request Support

Our experienced support team is here to assist you with difficulties installing the software, technical questions related to the use of our software and databases, and anything else you may need.

Local Support

We have local agents in many countries around the world who can provide service in the local language and timezone. You can contact your local agent directly in countries with local offices.

Online Help

Did you know that we now have a searchable Online Help system? Before contacting support, you may want to search the Help to try and find an answer to your question. In Thermo-Calc press F1, or from the main menu select Help > Online Help. Otherwise, please keep reading to learn how to request support.

Request Support

To request support, please email us at and include the information listed below:

  • Your Name
  • Organization Name
  • Department
  • Site Number (if known)
  • Country
  • Phone Number
  • Software Version
  • Any Database names and versions you need help with
  • Computer Operating System (OS)
  • OS Version
  • Describe your issue with as much detail as possible, including which calculator or module you are working with, whether you're using an SDK, etc.
  • Attach any related files


Some Important Things You Can Do to Help Us Respond More Quickly:

  • For potential licensing and installation problems, go to our license and installation information page and gather this information from within Thermo-Calc.
  • For support with TC-Python, run the diagnostic script included on our TC-Python page and paste it in the email you send.
  • Your site number can be found in the license information, on an invoice, or any correspondence from Thermo-Calc.
  • For calculation, software, and database-related queries, it is important that we can reproduce the problem. Please attach a macro or project file to the email you send.
  • Take a screen shot of an error message or copy it from the Event Log and attach it to the email you send.
  • Include as much detail as possible and check our roadmap for a list of supported operating systems and software versions.

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