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Getting Started Guides

Get Started with your Calculations

Below are the getting started guides for Thermo-Calc, the Diffusion Module (DICTRA), and the Additive Manufacturing Module. If you are new to Thermo-Calc, we recommend that you start with the Thermo-Calc Getting Started Guide before learning about the Modules.

Get started with Thermo-Calc. If you are new to our software, start with this guide.

Get started with your Additive Manufacturing (AM) simulations.

More Getting Started Guides for our Add-on Modules coming soon.


Learning Hub

Learn about Thermo-Calc and the Add-on Modules at your own pace with our comprehensive online Learning Hub.

The Learning Hub includes courses for Thermo-Calc, the Diffusion Module (DICTRA), the Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA), and the TC-Python SDK. In addition to introductory lectures, instructors walk through and discuss real world examples that correlate calculations with microstructures and other metallurgical concepts, spanning a wide range of material types.

Subscriptions also include access to live monthly office hours, where you can ask our experts about any of the content on the Learning Hub or your own materials challenges. 

Read and download user guides, release notes, and more.

Check out our upcoming training courses.

Contact our experienced support team.

Learn how to install and use the software, about our company, and much more.

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