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Learn how our software and databases can be applied to various applications such as welding and joining, corrosion, and heat treatment in these in-depth webinar recordings.

Upcoming Live Webinars

Currently we do not have any live webinars scheduled. We are consistently planning new webinars so check back regularly for updates.

Webinar Recordings

Demonstration of the New Additive Manufacturing Module

Thermo-Calc 2023b Release Overview

Accelerated Design of Printable Superalloys for Additive Manufacturing: CALPHAD- and ICME-based Approach

Kinetics of Dendrite with Non-equilibrium Kinetic Effects

Incorporating Insights from First-principles into Calphad Descriptions of Atomic Ordering

Thermodynamic and Kinetic Simulations on Joining and Additive Manufacturing Processes for an ICME Framework

Thermo-Calc Modelling of as-cast Features and Its Influence on Final Mechanical Properties

Coupling TQ-Interface with Precipitation Models for Gas Turbine Applications

Thermo-Calc 2023a Release Overview

Closing the Materials Property Data Gaps:
CALPHAD Based Predictions for More Accurate ICME Simulations

Thermo-Calc 2022b Release Overview

Solidification Modelling With CALPHAD:
Process Applications of Equilibrium and Non-equilibrium Models and When to Use Them

Simulation of Multicomponent Precipitation Kinetics using TC-PRISMA

DICTRA – Background – Theory – Applications

How Thermo-Calc Can Assist in Achieving Your Goals of a Reduced Climate Footprint

Simulating the Steelmaking and -Refining Process using Thermo-Calc’s Process Metallurgy Module

Solving Stainless Steel Materials Challenges with CALPHAD-based Tools

What’s New in Thermo-Calc 2022a

Improving Metal Additive Manufacturing with Integrated Materials Modeling

Solving Corrosion Challenges with Integrated Computational Materials Modeling

What if the Materials Data You Need Doesn’t Exist?

The Application of CALPHAD-based Tools to Welding and Joining

Understanding the Influence of Alloy Chemistry on Heat Treatment Process Windows

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