Learn how our software and databases can be applied to various applications such as welding and joining, corrosion, and heat treatment in these in-depth webinar recordings.

Upcoming Live Webinars

Our webinar series for the Spring 2023 has ended. Stay tuned for upcoming webinars. We are planning a release webinar in June for the 2023b Thermo-Calc release.

Webinar Recordings

Accelerated Design of Printable Superalloys for Additive Manufacturing: CALPHAD- and ICME-based Approach

Kinetics of Dendrite with Non-equilibrium Kinetic Effects

Incorporating Insights from First-principles into Calphad Descriptions of Atomic Ordering

Thermodynamic and Kinetic Simulations on Joining and Additive Manufacturing Processes for an ICME Framework

Thermo-Calc Modelling of as-cast Features and Its Influence on Final Mechanical Properties

Coupling TQ-Interface with Precipitation Models for Gas Turbine Applications

Thermo-Calc 2023a Release Overview

Closing the Materials Property Data Gaps:
CALPHAD Based Predictions for More Accurate ICME Simulations

Thermo-Calc 2022b Release Overview

Solidification Modelling With CALPHAD:
Process Applications of Equilibrium and Non-equilibrium Models and When to Use Them

Simulation of Multicomponent Precipitation Kinetics using TC-PRISMA

DICTRA – Background – Theory – Applications

How Thermo-Calc Can Assist in Achieving Your Goals of a Reduced Climate Footprint

Simulating the Steelmaking and -Refining Process using Thermo-Calc’s Process Metallurgy Module

Solving Stainless Steel Materials Challenges with CALPHAD-based Tools

What’s New in Thermo-Calc 2022a

Improving Metal Additive Manufacturing with Integrated Materials Modeling

Steelmaking and Steel Refining Using Thermo-Calc and the TCOX9 Database

Solving Corrosion Challenges with Integrated Computational Materials Modeling

What if the Materials Data You Need Doesn’t Exist?

The Application of CALPHAD-based Tools to Welding and Joining

Understanding the Influence of Alloy Chemistry on Heat Treatment Process Windows

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