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Welding and Joining

The Application of CALPHAD-based Tools to Welding and Joining

This ASM International webinar gives an overview of the CALPHAD method and then discusses how Thermo-Calc can be applied to welding and joining using real-world examples.

Speaker 1: Paul Mason, President, Thermo-Calc Software Inc.
Speaker 2: Dr. John DuPont, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Lehigh University
Host: Frances Richards, Editor-in-Chief, AM&P Magazine

Duration: 61 minutes


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What You Will Learn

  • What the CALPHAD approach is
  • How CALPHAD can be applied to welding and joining
  • Real-world applications discussed:
    • Microsegregation in welds and its influence on precipitation and creep properties
      • Selection of filler metals
        • Design of post-weld heat treatments
          • Development of improved dissimilar metal welds

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