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Terms and Conditions for Purchase

We welcome all new customers to the Thermo-Calc user community. This page provides a bit of information to help you determine which package is right for you, but our experienced staff can provide help to guide you through the purchasing process.

Customer Categories

We offer academic discounts to universities where undergraduate teaching is performed. In order to be considered for the university license category with the academic discount, it is required that the department where the software is installed teaches and also has the authority to examine undergraduate students.

Non-commercial research institutes having personnel giving lectures or simultaneously being affiliated with a university (even on a regular basis) will not lead to a university status for the research institute itself. Thermo-Calc Software preserves the right to decide about the status of a specific customer on an individual basis.

Definition of Site

A customer Site is defined as the designated physical location where the software is used and maintained for a company, department, or faculty within a university or a non-commercial research center.

General Terms and Conditions

All offers from Thermo-Calc Software are subject to the TCS General Terms and Conditions, in addition to the End User License Agreement (EULA). If you have any questions about what these include, please contact us.

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