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Thermo-Calc 2023b is Released!

Thermo-Calc 2023b introduces an Additive Manufacturing Module, homogenization calculation in the graphical user interface, interoperability between several modules, eight new and updated databases, and much more!

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Computational Materials Engineering

What if the materials data you need doesn’t exist?

Computational Materials

Generate Materials Data with Thermo-Calc

The days of poring over handbooks in search of materials data that may be incomplete or non-existent are over. Thermo-Calc Software develops computational tools used to predict and understand materials properties, allowing you to generate computational materials data without costly, time-consuming experiments or estimations based on the limited data available.

Thermo-Calc can be used to fill the gaps in material property data and make predictions of material behavior throughout the materials life cycle. With Thermo-Calc, you can make better decisions about your products and improve your material processing conditions with accurate, reliable materials data.

The platform software for thermodynamic and properties calculations.

About Thermo-Calc

Over 40 high-quality, material-specific databases to choose from.

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Available for diffusion, precipitation, process metallurgy, and more.

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Link Thermo-Calc to your own code or other software programs.

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Experts in Computational Materials Engineering

About Thermo-Calc Software

For over 30 years, Thermo-Calc Software has been at the forefront of developing software and databases used to predict and understand materials properties. Our flagship product, Thermo-Calc, is used in over 60 countries around the world by top materials scientists and engineers. Our tools have been cited in over 33,000 peer-reviewed journal articles and over 1000 patent applications, and we are actively involved in collaborative research and development efforts with top universities and industry partners. Trusted by materials scientists and engineers around the world, with Thermo-Calc you can rest assured that you are generating the most accurate computational materials data available.


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Computational Materials Engineering for Students and Teaching

Free Educational Package

In order to support universities and education, we offer a Free Educational Package intended to teach about computational materials engineering in undergraduate level university courses. The package includes a limited version of our software, several demo databases, teaching materials for educators, and learning material, including practice exercises, for students.

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Thermo-Calc 2023b is Released

Introducing Thermo-Calc 2023b, released in June 2023. This release introduces an all new Additive Manufacturing Module, primarily designed for modeling the powder bed fusion process in Additive Manufacturing. Six new and two updated databases are also included in the release. The release also focuses on new functionality that couples various calculators together, making it easy to share data between modules in the software, and much more.

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