Other Materials

Thermo-Calc Software provides solutions for a variety of other materials that are not specifically highlighted in this section.

Other Materials We Can Provide Solutions for Include:

CALPHAD-based software and databases allow for the most accurate calculations available for multicomponent phase equilibria and thermodynamic properties in these materials systems.

Some examples of calculations or properties retrievable include:

  • Stable or meta-stable heterogeneous phase equilibrium
  • Amount and composition of equilibrium phases
  • Phase transformation temperatures such as liquidus, solidus, solvus temperatures
  • Isothermal and isoplethal sections
  • Enthalpy, entropy, heat capacity, and activity

Calculated results can be utilized to design and optimize materials chemistry and processing conditions so that the desired microstructure and properties can be achieved.


There are several databases that are relevant for applications to the above listed materials. If you are unsure which databases are best suited for your work, please contact us at

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