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Maintenance and Support

Software licenses come with a free 12 month Maintenance & Support Subscription, starting from the time of purchase. This secures your access to our dedicated support team and allows you to maximise the value of your investment.

Benefits of the Maintenance & Support Subscription include:

  • Technical support via email provided by our dedicated support staff and backed by our team of software and database developers.
  • Installation support and generation of new license files as required, for example, in the event of a change of computer.
  • Free upgrades to any new versions of your licensed software products covered by maintenance and support that are released during the period for which your subscription is valid.
  • Additional discounts for upgrading databases beyond those offered to customers who do not have a valid maintenance and support subscription.
  • Ability to re-download the most current installation files, should you lose your installation media or files.
  • Additional discounts for training and user group meetings.

After the initial 12 month period, you will be offered the opportunity to continue your subscription for a fee. Renewal of your Maintenance & Support subscription is optional, but strongly encouraged, as this protects your investment through the above listed benefits.


Maintenance & Support Subscriptions apply only to software licenses; databases are not covered by this.

In order to have a Maintenance & Support Subscription for any of the Add-On Modules, you must have one for Thermo-Calc. A Maintenance & Support Subscription for the Add-on Modules cannot extend beyond the length of your Maintenance & Support Subscription for Thermo-Calc.

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