Application Examples

Learn about some of the ways Thermo-Calc can be used to improve products, optimize materials processing conditions, and give you a deeper understanding of materials with these Application Examples.

Each example includes an in-depth PDF and calculation files, which are included in your software installation and can be run if you have a license for the relevant products.

General Examples

Microsegregation During Solidification

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Hardenability Design of Steel

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Process Metallurgy Examples

The Process Metallurgy Module is an Add-On Module within Thermo-Calc that can be used to simulate the entire steelmaking process, from scrap to fully refined steel. The examples below show how the module can be used to investigate several of the steps in the steelmaking process:

Basic Oxygen Furnace Process

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Steel Deoxidation on Tapping

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Desulphurization in a Ladle Furnace

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Kinetics of Steel Refining in a Ladle Furnace

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Vacuum Oxygen Decarburization (VOD) Process

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More Examples Coming Soon!

We are working hard to build up our library of Application Examples to show you the broad range of uses and diverse materials we work with. The current selection of examples focuses heavily on applications to steel and the steel industry. Please check back soon for a broader range of examples.

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