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Licensing Options

Thermo-Calc Software offer several license types to fit our users’ needs. All licenses are governed by the Thermo-Calc Software End User License Agreement (EULA).

Single User Node Locked License (SUNLL)

The license file is unique for one designated computer at one designated site and cannot be copied or moved outside the site. The software may be used on only one site and by only one person at a time on only one computer. If the software is installed on a portable computer, the software may be used temporarily outside of the site. You may, however, not access or use the Program over a network or remotely.

Network License (NWL)

The software may be used on the number of sites you have paid for and by the number of persons you have paid for on any number of computers connected with each other through a server or similar network.

Database Licenses

The database licenses follow the licenses for the software. They are DSUNLL and DNWL, where D stands for Database.

Software License Packages

Academic Network Site Package (ANSP) for University teaching. The ANSP is a license package for Universities only.

The software may be used on one site by up to 99 students simultaneously on any number of computers connected with each other through a server or similar network. The ANSP also includes two SUNLLs.

License Duration

Licenses are available on short term, annual, and perpetual basis. The annual license is limited to 12 months from its purchase date and the short-term license to the period defined. These licenses can be upgraded to perpetual licenses during their validity period.

It is possible to add operating systems to the same computer, or you can add a license for running another operating system on another computer.

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