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TC-Toolbox for MATLAB®

TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® provides an interface from Thermo-Calc to the commonly-used MATLAB® software for scientific and engineering computing.

About TC-Toolbox for MATLAB®

TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® provides an interface to the commonly-used MATLAB® software for scientific and engineering computing. This kit is ideal for fast realization of ideas and visualization of results during research and development activities. The API includes almost all calculation types available in Thermo-Calc Graphical Mode, such as single point equilibrium, property (step) and phase (map) diagrams, Scheil solidification simulations, as well as all the general Thermo-Calc Property Models, such as yield strength, spinodal, driving force, and more. Users who have a license for the Steel Model Library, the Diffusion Module (DICTRA), or the Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA) can also access the range of functionality included in those products. The only calculation types not currently included are those from the Process Metallurgy Module, but this functionality is coming soon.

TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® is currently only available on Windows platforms.

Designed to Be Easy to Use

TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® is designed to be easy to use. For example, it:

  • Uses intelligent code completion to help users more easily navigate through the available classes and methods.
  • Takes an object-oriented approach, which makes it easier to reuse information (classes/methods) and more quickly run your calculations when you need to change the compositions.
  • Guides users through the process of setting up the simulation, using good default values when you are unsure of what to use and prompting you to add missing information, for example. This minimizes the occurrence of errors and makes it an easy option even for those who do not have experience working with APIs.
  • Includes a large number of examples with the installation, which can be used to both learn about the use of TC‑Toolbox and as a way to build your own calculation simulation.
  • Allows users to do parallel computations.*

*Requires an additional third-party toolbox.  

Includes Almost All Calculation Types from Thermo-Calc

TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® includes all the powerful functionality available from within Thermo-Calc Graphical Mode and a majority of the features available in the classic Console Mode. It also couples with the Add-on Diffusion Module (DICTRA), Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA), and Steel Model Library, for users who have relevant licenses. From TC-Toolbox, users have access to all Thermo-Calc calculations, as well as Add-on Modules, including:

  • Single equilibrium
  • Phase (map) diagrams
  • Property (step) diagrams
  • Scheil solidification simulations
  • Batch equilibrium - this is similar to single equilibrium calculations, but offers significant performance improvements when calculating a lot of fast single equilibria, which are systems with few or non-complicated phases
  • Property Models - this includes both pre-installed libraries and user-developed property models built using the Property Model Framework in TC-Python
  • Steel Model Library* - a set of Property Models designed to help experts working in the steel industry
  • Precipitation simulations** - all of the precipitation calculations available in the Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA) can be accessed from within TC-Toolbox
  • Diffusion simulations** - all of the diffusion simulations available with the Diffusion Module (DICTRA) in Graphical Mode can be accessed from within TC-Toolbox

*Requires a license for the Steel Model Library

**Users who do not have a Precipitation Module (TC‑PRISMA) or Diffusion Module (DICTRA) license can make calculations with up to three elements using the DEMO versions of the Add-on Modules that are included in all Thermo-Calc installations.


TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® is available as an add-on to a Thermo-Calc license. In order to run TC-Toolbox for MATLAB®, it is necessary to have Thermo-Calc and at least one thermodynamic and properties database installed. TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® also requires a license for MATLAB® software. If you are interested in purchasing a license for TC-Toolbox for MATLAB®, please contact us to discuss which license is right for you.

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