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TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® Help

TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® API Reference Documentation

TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® is an SDK available with Thermo-Calc that provides an interface from Thermo-Calc to the commonly-used MATLAB® software for scientific and engineering computing. To learn more about the features of this powerful API, visit our TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® page.

Current Documentation

TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® has its own documentation that is generated directly from the program. Two identical versions of the help are available: an HTML-based, online help system and PDF document.

Current Examples

Over 40 examples are available to help you get started using TC-Toolbox for MATLAB®. These examples can only be run if you have a current license for TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® and the relevant databases and modules.

Download the examples as a zip file

Version Specific Documentation

You can access TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® documentation for whatever version of the software you are running from within Thermo-Calc.

Open the version of Thermo-Calc where you want to view the documentation. From the main menu, click Help > Manuals Folder and then navigate to one of the following:

  • TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® folder and click on the Index.html file to open the HTML version
  • SDK folder to open a PDF of the same documentation.

Archived PDFs

Previous versions of the TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® API Programmer Guide PDF are available from the Documentation archive and stored by software release year and version. Note that for 2021a and earlier, this PDF is now for the legacy version of TC-Toolbox.

Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

Troubleshooting Guide

TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® comes with a troubleshooting guide to help you with common problems in the software. The guide is included in the documentation, and users should refer to the guide for the version of the software you use. See above for links to the documentation.

TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® Troubleshooting Guide Current Version

Diagnostic Script

A diagnostic script is available to help you diagnose your problem, or to create detailed information that you can send to us if you need to contact us for support.

Click here and then select the diagnostic script for your version of Thermo-Calc

*If you are on a Chrome browser, the script may not download. If this happens, please use another browser. The script is also available as an example from within MATLAB®.

It is important to run the diagnostic script EXACTLY the same way as you run your TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® script (in the same MATLAB® version, etc).

The script automatically prints useful suggestions that, in many cases, will help you to fix the problem yourself. If you are unable to solve the problem, contact us for support.

Contact Thermo-Calc Software for Support with TC-Toolbox for MATLAB®

To contact Thermo-Calc Software for support with TC-Toolbox for MATLAB®:

  1. Follow the instructions above to run the diagnostic script.
  2. Save the diagnostic script for your version of Thermo-Calc by right-clicking on the link and selecting “Save link as” or similar.
  3. Read the instructions on our Request Support page and paste the results of the diagnostic script into the email you send us. This will help us to provide faster, more accurate support.

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