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Thermo-Calc Software products have been cited over 33,000 times in peer-reviewed journals, not by us, but by users around the world who are working to advance materials science and engineering. This page highlights some of those publications to give you an idea of how our tools are being used by others.

Publication Highlights 

The publications listed on this page are only a select few from among thousands. For papers related to your materials and areas of application, visit the Solutions pages.

How to Cite Our Products

With so many of our users publishing papers using Thermo-Calc, we often get asked how to cite our products. In order to help, we have put together a useful guide to help you know how to reference Thermo-Calc products in a publication.

How to Cite Thermo-Calc Products



Exploration of spinodal decomposition in multi-principal element alloys (MPEAs) using CALPHAD modeling

Kamalnath Kadirvel, Shalini Roy Koneru, Yunzhi Wang
Scripta Materialia, Volume 214, June 2022, Article number: 114657 

The importance of steel chemistry and thermal history on the sensitization behavior in austenitic stainless steels: Experimental and modeling assessment.

Satish Kolli, Vahid Javaheri, Thomas Ohligschläger, Jukka Kömi and David Porter
Materials Today Communications, Volume 24, September 2020, Article number: 101088

A new magnesium sheet alloy with high tensile properties and room-temperature formability

Renhai Shi, Jiashi Miao, Thomas Avey and Alan A. Luo
Scientific Reports, Volume 10, June 2020, Article number: 10044

Elevated temperature microstructure evolution of a medium-entropy CrCoNi superalloy containing Al,Ti

C.E. Slone, E.P. George and M.J. Mills
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Volume 817, March 2020, Article number: 152777

An integrated computational materials engineering-anchored closed-loop method for design of aluminum alloys for additive manufacturing

Saket Thapliyal, Mageshwari Komarasamy, Shivakant Shukla, Le Zhou, Holden Hyer, Sharon Park, Yongho Sohn and Rajiv S. Mishra
Materialia, Volume 9, March 2020, Article number: 100574

Challenges and opportunities in thermodynamic and kinetic modeling microalloyed HSLA steels using computational thermodynamics

A. Costa e Silva
Calphad, Volume 68, March 2020, Article Number: 101720

Failure and fracture analysis of a high-alloy Ni-Al bronze chain connector of a tube drawing machine

Athanasios Vazdirvanidis, Marianthi Bouzouni and George Pantazopoulos
Engineering Failure Analysis, Volume 110, March 2020, Article number: 104432

Solid Solutions with bcc, hcp, and fcc Structures Formed in a Composition Line in Multicomponent Ir–Rh–Ru–W–Mo System

Akira Takeuchi, Takeshi Wada and Hidemi Kato
MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS, Volume 60, No. 11, October 2019, pp. 2267-2276

Electron Beam Melting of a β-Solidifying Intermetallic Titanium Aluminide Alloy

Reinhold Wartbichler, Helmut Clemens and Svea Mayer
Advanced Engineering Materials, Volume 21, December 2019, Article Number: 1900800

Simulation of TTT Curves for Additively Manufactured Inconel 625

Lindwall, C. E. Campbell, E. A. Lass, F. Zhang, M. R. Stoudt, A. J. Allen and L. E. Levine
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, Volume 50, 2019, pp. 457–467

Integrated computational materials engineering of corrosion resistant alloys

Christopher D. Taylor, Pin Lu, James Saal, G. S. Frankel and J. R. Scully
npj Materials Degradation, Volume 2, February 2018, Article number: 6

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