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The Thermo-Calc Software Blog is an additional resource to find interesting stories and updates from our company and our users. You can read articles ranging from historical notes about the origins of CALPHAD to the recent high entropy alloys research conducted by one of our users. Send us an email if you have an idea for a story about how you apply and use Thermo-Calc software and databases in the materials science and engineering world.


Thermo-Calc Software regularly participates in a variety of conferences, exhibitions, meetings, and other events around the world. We also arrange user group meetings and conduct webinars with various topics. We hope to see you when we are in your area.

Release News

Thermo-Calc is on a two-times-per-year release cycle. The release news announcements have details about new features and products as well as information about improvements and bug fixes to the existing functionality. You can also stay up-to-date by subscribing to the newsletter and to the blog where these details can be delivered directly to your inbox.

Training Courses

We offer courses for Thermo-Calc, the Diffusion Module (DICTRA), the Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA), and TC-Python on a regular basis in both Sweden and the USA. Training opportunities are also offered in other countries through our local partners, virtual learning, and on-site training.

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