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Materials Data


Thermo-Calc can be used to predict a wide range of materials property data and provide insight into materials processing and behavior throughout the materials life cycle.

To learn whether Thermo-Calc can be useful for you, find your materials and applications below and read about how Thermo-Calc can be applied to your materials challenges.

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Learn how Thermo-Calc can be applied to all stages of the materials life cycle, from materials design and production to manufacturing, in-service operation, and end of life waste and recycling. 

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Learn how Thermo-Calc can be applied to a wide range of industrial alloys. The pages in this section are classified under material headings that correspond to the different thermodynamic and property databases available for use with Thermo-Calc.

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Learn about the various ways Thermo-Calc Software products can be used as an integral tool in an ICME framework and read several use cases.

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