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CALPHAD Software and Databases


Thermo-Calc Software offers a comprehensive suite of products that allow users to predict and understand the properties of materials at all stages in the materials life cycle. Trusted by materials scientists and engineers around the world, our products allow you to generate materials data that can reduce your dependence on expensive, time-consuming experiments and improve your products and processing conditions.

Thermo-Calc Software Suite of Products

Our CALPHAD software and databases are designed to be flexible, so you only purchase the tools you need. Our flagship product, Thermo-Calc, is a powerful software package for a wide range of thermodynamic and property calculations. The platform can then be expanded with several Add-on Modules and over 40 available databases. Users can also link Thermo-Calc calculations to other software or your own code with one of our three software development kits (SDKs).

All of the Add-on Modules and over 40 available databases are integrated into one platform, making installation easy and providing a unified working environment.


Step 1

Evaluate Thermo-Calc

The platform software for thermodynamic and properties calculations.

Opens the linked Database page

Step 2

Select Databases

Over 40 high-quality, material-specific databases to choose from.

Opens the linked Add-on Module page

Step 3

Review Optional Add-on Modules

Available for diffusion, precipitation, process metallurgy, and more.

Opens the linked SDK page

Step 4

Review Optional SDKs

Link Thermo-Calc to your own code or other software programs.

CALPHAD Software


Thermo-Calc is the platform and powerful calculation engine that drives all of our other tools. The software platform includes several built-in calculators that allow you to perform a wide range of thermodynamic and property calculations, including phase diagrams, property diagrams, Scheil solidification simulations, and more.

CALPHAD Databases


Thermo-Calc is used in combination with materials-specific databases, which provide the data that drives the predictions. Users can select from over 40 high quality databases containing thermodynamic, mobility, and properties data developed by our team of highly skilled experts using the proven CALPHAD methodology.

Extend Software Functionality with

Add-On Modules

Several Add-on Modules are available that allow users to extend the functionality of Thermo-Calc in your area of specialisation.

Diffusion Module (DICTRA)
Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA)
Process Metallurgy Module
Additive Manufacturing Module
Steel Model Library
Nickel Model Library

Link to External Programs with

Software Development Kits

Thermo-Calc and the Add-on Modules can be linked to other software programs or to your own code with one of the three available Software Development Kits (SDKs).

TC-Toolbox for MATLAB®

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