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Solving Corrosion Challenges

Solving Corrosion Challenges with Integrated Computational Materials Modeling

This ASM International on-demand webinar discusses how materials modeling tools such as Thermo-Calc can help you solve corrosion challenges using the CALPHAD method.

The webinar includes examples related to aqueous corrosion, molten salt corrosion, high-temperature gas corrosion, and degradation of coatings through interdiffusion.

Speaker: Dr. Jim Rule, Applications Team, Thermo-Calc Software Inc.
Host: Joanne Miller, Editor, ASM International

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About the Speaker

Jim earned his Ph.D. in welding engineering from The Ohio State University. His work focused on susceptibility of materials to hydrogen assisted cracking in subsea oil and gas equipment. Jim currently works at Thermo-Calc Software Inc in sales and support. Previously Jim was with BP as the materials, welding, and corrosion engineer for offshore projects in Trinidad and Tobago.

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