Thermo-Calc 2015a Release Preview


Thermo-Calc Software is on track to release Thermo-Calc 2015a late spring / early summer 2015. The release includes several improvements to plotting, including LaTeX integrations, a new database, an automatic updates feature as well as two new additions for advanced users. 

NOTE: Thermo-Calc Software will stop supporting all 32-bit platforms soon. All users are recommended to migrate to 64-bit as soon as possible. View the system requirements at our website to see which platforms we test and support.

Several New and Updated Database: The upcoming release includes one new database, TCCC1, which is for cemented carbides. It also includes upgrades to at least 8 current databases: TCFE8, TCNI8, TCAL4, TCMG4, TCOX6, TCSLD3, MOBFE3 and MOBNI4.

Several Plot Improvements

In response to customer feedback, this release includes several new features for improved plotting:

  • You will now be able to label plots with LaTex expressions, both manually and by importing them into exact coordinates
  • The logarithmic axis will no longer contain decimal points, only integers, making it easier to read
  • The automatic scaling has been improved

Additional Improvements

New Command in Console Mode: One new upgrade that may interest our more advanced users is the addition of a command in the console mode that will allow you to look at derivatives of Gibbs energy.

Automatic Updates: Starting with the Thermo-Calc 2015a release, users will be able to set their program to receive automatic updates. The new feature will make it easier for users to receive bug fixes between releases and maintain the most current updates and improvements. If users prefer not to receive updates automatically, they will be able to check for updates when starting the program or manually at their convenience.

Change Diagram Type Mid-Project: Thermo-Calc 2015a will allow users to change the type of diagram you are working with in the middle of a project. For instance, you will be able to switch from a property diagram to a phase diagram without losing any of your information.

New Ordering Model: Thermo-Calc 2015a includes a valuable time-saver for database managers as the Four Substitutional-Sublattice Ordering Model has been rebuilt so that it will now function for all parameters.

A complete explanation of these and all the other upgrades will be provided with the software update.

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