Metal Slag and Oxides Database

Thermo-Calc Software offers one database designed for metal slag and oxides, TCOX10 the Metal Oxide Solutions Database.

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TCOX10 Quick Overview

    • Gibbs Energy
      • Volume
        • Viscosity of liquid
        • ELEMENTS: Al, Ar, C, Ca, Co, Cr, Cu, F, Fe, Gd, H, La, Mg, Mn, Mo, N, Na, Nb, Ni, O, P, S, Si, Ti, V, W, Y, Zr
        • ASSESSED PHASES: 459

Metal Oxide Solutions Database

TCOX10 is a thermodynamic and properties database used for application to slags and oxides. The intended application is for solid and liquid ionized materials, for example oxides or sulfides. Despite the name of the database, it can also be used for fluoride and sulfide systems without oxygen.

Common applications of the database include:

  • Development of ceramics
  • Slags
  • Refractories
  • Metallurgical processing (for example slag and liquid metal interactions)
  • ESR slags
  • Materials corrosion
  • Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBC)
  • Yttria-Stabilised-Zirconia (YSZ)
  • Solid oxide fuel cell materials
  • Sulfide formation
  • Dephosphorization and desulfurization
  • And more

TCOX10 was developed to be used with our entire suite of products: Thermo-Calc, the Add-on Modules, and all available SDKs.

TCOX10 does not have a corresponding mobility database.

Compatible with the Process Metallurgy Module

TCOX10 is compatible with the Process Metallurgy Module, an Add-on Module used for advanced calculations involving slag, metal, and gas. The Module is primarily designed for application to steelmaking and steel refining processes including converters, such as basic oxygen furnaces (BOF), electric arc furnaces (EAF), ladle furnace (LF) metallurgy, and more. The Module can also be applied to other metallurgical processes.

Learn about the Process Metallurgy Module

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