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Update Released for Thermo-Calc 2024b

An update has been released for Thermo-Calc 2024b. This update includes one bug fix related to the Material Specific Property Model Libraries:

  • Nickel Model Library
  • Steel Model Library
  • Titanium Model Library

If you use these Property Model Libraries and have Thermo-Calc 2024b, you are encouraged to update your software. Details of the update can be found below.


The updated software version number is 2024.2.148659-130. You can check which version you are running from within Thermo-Calc in the Help menu > About.

Users who have a valid Maintenance & Support Subscription will be contacted with instructions on how to install the update shortly.

Thermo-Calc 2024b Update 1

The first release of Thermo-Calc 2024b was on June 19, 2024.

To learn about all the original software and database news see our release overview blog post or read the 2024b release notes.

Material Specific Property Model Library Bug Fix

This update is specifically for anyone using the following Property Models that are contained in these Model Libraries and also require additional database licenses:

  • Steel Model Library
  • Nickel Model Library
  • Titanium Model Library

The update fixes a bug related to a TC-Python license issue and the new Parallel calculation checkbox that significantly improves calculation time for Property Models.

Updating your software will fix the problem where all the material specific Property Models cannot be run without an active TC-Python licence if the new Parallel calculation checkbox is also selected, which is the default.

Learn More about the Update and How to Install

You can learn more about the update, including how to install it, at the 2024b Update 1 Release Notes.

If you have a valid Maintenance & Support Subscription, but you have not been sent the update, please contact our Support Team.

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