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Update Released for Thermo-Calc 2023a

An update has been released for Thermo-Calc 2023a. This update includes bug fixes related to plotting, the table renderer, installation and licensing, the beta version of the Additive Manufacturing Module, and more.

Users who have a valid Maintenance & Support Subscription will be contacted with instructions on how to install the update shortly.

To learn about the original 2023a release, read the 2023a Release blog post.


Included Bug Fixes in 2023a Update 1

Plot or Table Related

  • Fixed an issue with plotting chemical and intrinsic diffusion coefficients vs. functions.
  • Fixed an issue with plotting the Curie temperature and electric properties (if there is a contribution from magnetism). This is only applicable to GES6 calculations.
  • The list of quantities in the Property Model plot configuration (on the Plot Renderer Configuration window) was sometimes wrong (i.e. duplicate quantities or some quantities missing).
  • Fixed some plotting bugs related to the Property Model Calculator, for example where the calculation worked but there were issues with axes labels or points not showing on the plot in the Visualizations window.
  • Fixed the following issues related to the use of the Table Renderer in some cases:
    • The list of elements/components was not updated when elements were added or removed in the System Definer (i.e. with the Property Model Calculator and Process Metallurgy Calculator).
      • After adding a Property Model Calculator, it was previously not possible to change quantity; it changed back after clicking Perform.
      • Fixed an issue where the lattice parameters of the two phases did not show up in the plot for the example PM_Ni_01_Lattice_Parameters_of_Gamma_and_Gamma_Prime. A global equilibrium test is now always performed in the model. Users can access this Nickel Model Library example from within Thermo-Calc from the Examples > Property Models > Nickels folder. 

Installation or License Related

  • Added the VS2010 redistributable to the installer in order to make it possible to show the license information, which was broken.
  • Fixed an issue with unexpected license pop-ups appearing when displaying the license information. This affected installations configured to use a shared network license.

Database Related

  • Corrected an issue in 2023a with the General Einstein model where parameters gave no contribution for order/disorder phases.

Project File Related

  • Fixed an issue where opening a project file with results (in Graphical Mode) took too long and the expected plots did not display.

Additive Manufacturing Module Beta Release 

An Additive Manufacturing Module was released in closed beta in Thermo-Calc 2023a. This update includes improvements not detailed here. You can learn more about the upcoming Additive Manufacturing Module release at the Additive Manufacturing Module page or watch our recent 2023a Release Overview webinar, which includes a demonstration.

Learn More about the Update

You can learn more about the update, including how to install it, at the 2023a Update 1 Release Notes.

If you have a valid Maintenance & Support Subscription, but you have not been sent the update, please contact our Support Team.

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