Summer School is in Session

Thermo-Calc Software is proud to sponsor two summer school programs that support the growth and education of Computational Thermodynamics for graduate students, postgraduate researchers and faculty.


The first is the School for Advanced Thermodynamic Assessments, which takes place June 6-10, 2015 in Centre Port-Royal France. The program offers an advanced course in thermodynamic modelling using the CALPHAD method. They spend much time teaching on practical assessment of real systems and will focus on the Cu-Mg system, though students are also encouraged to bring their own systems for discussion.

The second is the Summer School for Integrated Computational Materials Education, which will take place June 15-26, 2015 in Ann Arbor, MI, USA. This course aims to “educate the educator” in order to enable rapid implementation of computational tools into the undergraduate materials science and engineering curriculum. The program equips participants with the knowledge, skills and materials needed to incorporate computational materials science and engineering (CMSE) into existing undergraduate materials science core classes and is intended for current and future educators. Since its inception in 2011 nearly 100 people have participated in the program.

Both programs are intended for graduate students, postgraduate researchers and faculty in materials science or relevant programs and welcomes those with or without computational experience.

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