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Thermo-Calc Live Online Training

Thermo-Calc Live Online Training

The Thermo-Calc live online training course is a beginner’s course that we hope will also be useful for those who already have a little experience with the software. The course only teaches the Graphical Mode of Thermo-Calc. It does not teach the console mode or any of the Add-on Modules. See additional courses. It is given over 3 half-days and may include a little bit of homework before each day.

The course requires no previous knowledge of Thermo-Calc. Some knowledge of thermodynamics of alloys and/or materials science is an advantage, but not a prerequisite.

Upcoming Courses

We currently have one set of live online courses scheduled for Thermo-Calc. We schedule online courses two to three times per year, so check back if the dates below do not work for you.

  • 9 – 11 April 2024| Online, broadcast from Stockholm, Sweden

What You Will Learn

You will learn how to calculate and plot or tabulate stable and meta-stable phase equilibria, property diagrams, and phase diagrams of multicomponent alloys and much more using the latest version of Thermo-Calc. You will also learn how to effectively use Project files in order to perform, save, and share complex calculations.

There may be a very condensed theory section introducing thermodynamic databases and the CALPHAD methodology.

Good to Know

The training course is hands-on with each participant working at their own computer. Much of the presentations will be in the form of teacher-led exercises. The language is English. It is recommended that you use either two separate screens or one large screen in order to be able to follow the online teacher and operate the software at the same time.

There will be possible interaction from students to teachers throughout the training, mostly through a chat-function rather than spoken dialog. In addition to this, special Q-and-A sessions will be scheduled each day.

Download information for our software tools will be sent out the week before the training, together with the digital course material (handouts and project/macro files). You will also receive a temporary training license file for your own computer before training starts.



The schedule is not exact and may vary.

09:00    Single-Equilibrium Calculation Example 1: Stainless steel 2205

09:30    Introduction to Thermo-Calc and CALPHAD-based software tools

10:00    Single-Equilibrium Calculation Example 2: Ni superalloy CSMX-2

10:25    Q & A

10:40    Single-Equilibrium Calculation Example 3: Stable and metastable phases in Al-Cu

11:00    One-axis Step Calculation Example 1: Ni alloy Nimonic 263

11:25    One-axis Step Calculation Example 2: Slag calculation, changing components

11:45    Q & A

12:00    Home Assignment 1


The schedule is not exact and may vary.

09:00    Home Assignment 1

09:10     Thermodynamic Databases

09:30    One-axis Step Calculation Example 3: Al alloy 6053

09:55     Map* 1: Phase diagram for a cemented carbide

10:25     Q & A

10:40     Map* 2: HEA phase diagram

11:05     Map* 3: Phase diagram from base material to weld

11:40     Q & A

11:55     Home Assignment 2

*Map = Phase Diagram Mapping, 2 axes or more


The schedule is not exact and may vary.

09:00    Home Assignment 2

09:10     Scheil Solidification Simulation

09:40    Example calculation applied to a real case: Alloy design, duplex stainless steel

10:20     Demo of Console Mode

10:30     Q & A

10:45     Property Model Calculation

11:15      Process Metallurgy Module Calculation

11:35     Resources for help

11:45     Q & A


Standard cost: €600 per person

University cost: €400 per person

Customers with a valid Maintenance & Support Subscription will receive a 10% discount on the above prices.

Practical Information

Name Thermo-Calc Training Online
Location Online, broadcast from Stockholm, Sweden
Address Råsundavägen 18, 169 67 Solna
Starts 9 April 2024
Ends 11 April 2024
Last registration date* 26 March 2024
Target audience Students, Researchers
Language English

*Courses may fill up ahead of time, so if you are interested in attending, please reserve your space early to avoid disappointment.

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