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New Video Tutorial: How to Calculate a Phase Diagram for an Oxide System

We have received several requests for a video tutorial showing how to set up a calculation using components instead of elements. This is particularly useful when performing calculations for oxide systems. The video tutorial, T17 – Al2O3-MgO Phase Diagram, demonstrates the set-up of a phase diagram calculation for the Al2O3-MgO oxide system. The Al2O3-MgO system is one of the basic systems of metallurgical slags and refractories and is important for understanding these materials.

The calculation is based on example T_17_Al2O3-MgO-phase-diagram, which is included in your software installation if you have Thermo-Calc 2023a or newer. You can access the example from the Example files icon on the home screen of the Thermo-Calc software. If you have an older version of the software and a license for the Metal Slag and Oxides Database (TCOX), you can follow along with the video to perform the calculation. The TCOX12 database is used in this example, but other versions of the TCOX database also work. However, the results may vary slightly by version.

At Thermo-Calc, we are continuously working on developing more examples and guidance to help our users get the most out of our tools. Therefore, we truly appreciate your suggestions and are always open for feedback. If there are additional videos you would find useful, you are always welcome to send your suggestions to

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