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New On-Demand Webinar on Solving Corrosion Challenges with Materials Modeling Tools

A new webinar is available from Thermo-Calc Software that discusses how materials modeling tools such as Thermo-Calc can help you solve corrosion challenges using the CALPHAD method.

The webinar includes examples related to aqueous corrosion, molten salt corrosion, high-temperature gas corrosion, and degradation of coatings through interdiffusion. The webinar is on-demand, so you can watch it at your convenience. 

In this webinar, viewers will learn about the CALPHAD approach, including:

  • How CALPHAD-based tools can be used to model corrosion from a perspective of understanding the processes
  • How it can improve the corrosion resistance and life of materials and enhance the safety and sustainability of assets
  • How more corrosion-resistant materials can be developed or deployed by gauging the susceptibility of materials to corrosion during the materials design and selection stage
  • Examples of how CALPHAD-based tools have been used to solve corrosion-related challenges in industry and research

The webinar is hosted by ASM International and presented by Dr. Jim Rule, a member of the applications team at Thermo-Calc Software Inc.

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