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Niobium-based Alloys Databases

TCNB1 is our thermodynamic and properties database designed for use with different kinds of niobium-based alloys and superalloys. MOBNB1 is the corresponding mobility database needed for use with the add-on kinetic modules.

Technical Information Sheet for TCNB1

Technical Information Sheet for MOBNB1

Calculation Examples for TCNB1

TCNB1 Quick Overview

    • Gibbs Energy
      • Molar volume
        • Surface tension of liquid
          • Viscosity of liquid
            • Electrical resistivity
              • Thermal conductivity
              • ELEMENTS: Al, C, Cr, Hf, Mo, Nb, Si, Ta, Ti, V, W, Zr
              • ASSESSED PHASES: 101

TCNB1 for Thermodynamic and Properties Data

TCNB1 is a thermodynamic and thermophysical properties database for niobium-based alloys and superalloys. All necessary volume data (including molar volume and thermal expansivity) for various alloy phases is available in TCNB1. TCNB1 also comes with the description of electrical resistivity and thermal conductivity, as well as surface tension and viscosity of the liquid.

Niobium-based alloys find applications in various industries due to their unique properties. They are commonly used in aerospace and aviation industries for manufacturing superalloys, which are heat-resistant and can withstand high-stress environments, such as jet engines and gas turbines. Niobium alloys are also used in medical implants due to their biocompatibility and corrosion resistance. Additionally, they are employed in the production of superconductors for applications like MRI machines and particle accelerators. In the automotive sector, niobium alloys are utilized for lightweighting and improving the strength of structural components.

The niobium-based alloys databases – TCNB1 and MOBNB1 – are available for refractory (e.g. niobium-base and niobium silicide-based) superalloys that function at higher temperatures than the nickel superalloys. 

TCNB1 was developed to be used with our entire suite of products: Thermo-Calc, the Add-on Modules, and all available SDKs. 

MOBNB1 for Kinetic Data

MOBNB1 is a corresponding mobility database that provides kinetic data for those working with the Add-on kinetic modules – the Diffusion Module (DICTRA) and the Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA) – as well as a few specific calculation types, such as Scheil with back diffusion. If you do not purchase a license for an Add-on kinetic module, you most likely do not need a mobility database. One of our technical sales representatives would be happy to help you determine whether your work will require a mobility database.  

MOBNB1 is compatible and recommended to be used in combination with TCNB1. 

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