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Thermo-Calc User Group Meeting - Sheffield 2024

Sheffield, UK| 11 – 12 June 2024

We are happy to welcome our users on 11 and 12 June 2024 to the User Group Meeting in Sheffield, UK.  The purpose of this meeting is to offer a space for exchanging ideas and experiences within the field of CALPHAD-type thermodynamics and kinetics, all within a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


If you want to attend the user group meeting, please fill out the registration form and send the scanned form to

Free to Students

This user group meeting is free of charge for all students. If you are a student who is interested in attending, please mention this in your email.


Tuesday June 11, 2024

09.30 10.15: Registration with refreshments

10.15 10.30: Welcome and Introduction
Carl-Magnus Lancelot, Thermo-Calc Software

10.30 11.10: News from Thermo-Calc Software: Thermo-Calc, DICTRA, TC-PRISMA and databases
Carl-Magnus Lancelot, Thermo-Calc Software

11.10 11.35: Design of oxidation resistant Nb-Si alloys aided by computational thermodynamics
Claire Utton, University of Sheffield

11.35  12.05: Short break with snacks and drinks

12.05 – 12.30: Using DICTRA to simulate external oxidation for steel tubes in high temperature processing applications
Megan Kendall, Swansea University Bay Campus

12.30 12.50: Simulation of solidification and phase formation in the Mg-rich corner of Mg-Ca-Zn alloys
Yanheng Xie, University of Sheffield

12.50 13.10: Assessing the Printability of Steels with Computational Thermodynamics and Machine Learning
Raymond Wong, Imperial College London

13.10 14.30: Lunch in the Turner Museum

14.30 – 14.50: Optimisation of advanced steel design for fusion energy applications
David Bowden, UK Atomic Energy Agency

14.50 15.10: Design of new boron-strengthened reduced activation ferritic-martensitic steels for fusion
Jack Haley, UK Atomic Energy Agency

15.10 15.30: The Preliminary research of NbTiZr-X (X=Al, Mo, Ta, W, Cr) of RCCAs through Thermo-Calc
Yu-Hsuan Lee, University of Sheffield

15.30 16.00: Short break with snacks and drinks

16.00 16.25: Mean-field model for hydride evolution within Zircaloys
Connor Cladingboel, University of Sheffield

16.25 17:00: Demonstration of Additive Manufacturing model, with the new Keyhole model and printability maps
Magnus Anderson, Thermo-Calc Software

19:30: Dinner
Location TBA


Wednesday June 12, 2024

09.00  09.30: Registration with refreshments

09.30  09.40: Day 2 Welcome and Introduction
Carl-Magnus Lancelot, Thermo-Calc Software

09.40 10.00: Designing new ultra-radiopure, high-strength electroformed CuCr alloys, for rare event searches
Dimitra Spathara, University of Birmingham

10.00 10.20: Phase Prediction and Validation of AlSiFeCrCoNi Multi Principal Element Alloys
Thon Thongklom, University of Sheffield

10.20 10.40: Application of Thermo-Calc with machine learning towards the design of carbon reinforced high entropy alloys for metal forming tooling applications
Joshua Berry, University of Sheffield

10.40 11.05: Thermo-Calc calculations of gas turbine engine mineral deposit melting temperatures
Jacob Elms, University of Manchester, Earth and Environmental Sciences

11.05 11.30: Short break with snacks and drinks

11.30 11.55: Ordering regimes in Zirconium Carbides
Theresa Davey, Bangor University, Wales

11.55 12.20: Experimental investigation and thermodynamic modelling of WC-40Fe-20Co-40Ni
Tomas Soria Biurrun, CEIT, Spain

12.20 12.45: Enhancing industrial materials using ICME
Hoda Dini, Questek Europe

12.45 13.00: Closing remarks / Wrap Up

13.00 14.30: Lunch in the Turner Museum

14.30  16.00: Tour of the Royce Centre

View the Program as a PDF


Sir Robert Hadfield Building, University of Sheffield
Turner Museum of Glass and Lecture room LT21

Mark your calendars for the UGM 2024 in Sheffield – we look forward to your participation!

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