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METEC & 6th ESTAD 2023

Düsseldorf, Germany|June 12 – 16, 2023

The largest European steel conference, the METEC & 6th ESTAD 2023, will take place in parallel with the renowned, international leading trade fair for metallurgy, the METEC.

Both events are currently focused on the leading sign of the transformation of the German and European steel industry towards hydrogen-based, CO2-neutral steel production. For the METEC & 6th ESTAD conference, numerous lectures by high-ranking representatives from steel production and plant engineering companies are already scheduled on this key topic.

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Thermodynamic and kinetic simulation of the steelmaking and refining process using thermo-calc and CALPHAD type steel and slag database TCOX12

Authors: Nicholas Grundy, Lina Kjellkvist, Ralf Rettig
Date: Wednesday 14 June 2023
Time: 12:10 PM
Location: Room 18b
Session: Secondary metallurgy: Modelling and simulation


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