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Sheffield, UK|May 14 – 16, 2024

From as early as the mid 1600s, to today’s Advanced Manufacturing Park, South Yorkshire has long been a centre for manufacturing excellence. This places the region as a prime candidate to lead the way into the next wave of manufacturing innovation.

Digitisation has the potential to improve efficiency, productivity, and reduce environmental impacts of manufacturing globally.

While it is good to aspire to such goals, digitisation also has the capacity to ease the load on those on the shop floor. By enacting digital systems that replace paperwork as well as the use of robotics and cobots (collaborative robots) to take on repetitive, tedious jobs, time can be freed up for people to get on with skill based and decision making tasks that boost productivity.

Hosted in Sheffield’s historic Cutlers Hall, Digital Materials and Metals Manufacturing is a 2-day conference, looking at how digitisation can aid manufacturing in the high value materials supply chain. The event will include talks from industry experts and academics, covering topics such as digital twins, cyber-physical systems, forging and forming, digital passports, and the successful applications of digital tools.

There will also be the opportunity for socialising and networking at the conference dinner, held in Cutlers Hall’s impressive main hall. For those early in their careers, there will also be a sandpit event facilitated by Colin Hunter of Potential-2, which will develop an outreach activity using a Design Thinking approach based around the unique Hawley Collection.

Join Our Presentation

Thermo-Calc will give a presentation titled “A CALPHAD-based toolkit for material discover and design” and give an introduction to Thermo-Calc, CALPHAD, and an overview of our capabilities.

Speaker: Magnus Anderson
15 May 2024


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