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Advanced School:

Diffusion in Materials – Fundamentals and Applications

Castle Ebernburg, Germany| October 24 – 26, 2022

Following the huge success of the MSIT Winter Schools, which focus on the basics of materials chemistry and computational thermodynamics, MSI and MSIT® are pleased to announce a new series of advanced training events.

The aim of ‘The MSIT Advanced Schools’ is to take an important topic, or two closely related topics, in materials science and give training to a much higher level than is offered at our annual Winter School. The ‘MSIT Advanced Schools’ are aimed at materials scientists who may be already familiar with the subject but are looking for a deeper understanding.

The lectures and ‘hands-on’ training will be conducted by MSIT members, and external experts are invited to augment the team so that the School participants can be assured that they will receive the best possible training.

The first event in this series will be ‘Diffusion in Materials – Fundamentals and Applications,’ this October in Castle Ebernburg, Germany.

The Program Includes:

  • Diffusion Theory
  • Diffusion Couples: Preparation & Characterization
  • Application of Diffusion Couples for Phase Diagram Studies
  • Diffusion Couples as a Tool to Study the Composition- Dependence of Mechanical and Physical Properties
  • Simulations using DICTRA, with hands-on training
  • Industrial Applications of DICTRA / TC Prisma

Registration closes August 20, 2022

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