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Update Released for Thermo-Calc 2023b

An update has been released for Thermo-Calc 2023b. This update includes bug fixes related to electric properties, plotting, databases, Property Model related changes, and more.

Users who have a valid Maintenance & Support Subscription will be contacted with instructions on how to install the update shortly.

The updated software version number is 2023.2.121329-33. To check whether you have the latest version, open Thermo-Calc and navigate to the Help menu > About.

To learn about the original 2023b release, read the 2023b Release blog post.


Software Related Bug Fixes

Incorrect ELRS (Electric Properties) for a System

  • Fixed an issue that occurred in 2023b where there were incorrect electric properties for the system.

Plot or Table Related

  • Fixed an issue where images would get strange characters (or not recognize symbols) when there was a non-default DPI setting.
  • For the Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA), fixed a bug where files can now be saved when temperature is selected in the Plot or Table Renderer activity nodes.

Property Model Related

  • Fixed a bug for a Grid calculation type used with the Property Model Calculator. Now when the Plot Renderer activity is updated (e.g. reselected or performed) the component in composition quantity is not reset to default.
  • Fixed two issues for the Steel Model Library CCT Diagram Property Model that occurred in 2023b where:
    • When using the Steel CCT template the X-axis of the first axis tuple was set to Log10(cooling rate [K/s]) in error.
      • Fixed an issue when using the Property Models template with the CCT Diagram Property Model and a One Axis calculation with Log10(cooling rate [K/s] on the axis. Previously, the X-axis was wrong because the quantity Ferrite start 2% (t) was missing in the list.

TC-Python Related

  • Fixed broken search functionality of the HTML-version of the TC-Python documentation (only relevant if using the HTML files included with the installation. The TC-Python Help available on the web did not have this issue).

Database Related Bug Fixes

TCS Cemented Carbide Database (TCCC1 updated to version 1.1)

  • Volume description for all phases added.
  • Volume description for M3C2 phase updated.

TCS Steel and Fe-alloys Database (TCFE13 updated to version 13.1)

  • Thermal conductivity (THCD) and electrical resistivity (ELRS): Updated for C- and N-containing solution phases. This relates to the above fixed incorrect ELRS for a system issue.
  • Ternary system Fe-Nb-P re-assessed.

TCS Cu-based Alloys Database (TCCU6 updated to version 6.1)

  • Now the database restores the GAS phase by default. This is for compatibility with the new Additive Manufacturing (AM) Module.

Learn More about the Update

You can learn more about the update, including how to install it, at the 2023b Update 1 Release Notes.

If you have a valid Maintenance & Support Subscription, but you have not been sent the update, please contact our Support Team.

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