Turkish Company Selected as Newest Thermo-Calc Agent


Thermo-Calc Software are excited to announce the selection of our newest agent, Turkish engineering consulting firm ONATUS Vision Technologies.

ONATUS will act as the local agent of Thermo-Calc Software in Turkey, providing customer support and training throughout the country, as well as growing the Thermo-Calc Software brand.

As an engineering consulting firm, ONATUS provides manufacturing companies with simulation and analysis based engineering solutions. They work primarily in the automotive, aerospace, marine, energy and biomedical industries, approaching problems using a variety of engineering software products, including Thermo-Calc.

ONATUS is an ideal agent of Thermo-Calc Software because of their strong background in high tech simulation software and their deep understanding of many manufacturing industries. With three offices throughout Turkey, the company is exceptionally situated to handle the Turkish market.

Local agents such as ONATUS allow Thermo-Calc software to provide enhanced customer support that addresses the unique needs of the local markets. With the addition of ONATUS, Thermo-Calc Software now has offices in eleven countries around the world.

Thermo-Calc Software would like to warmly welcome ONATUS Vision Technologies to the team.

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