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Thermo-Calc Used to Design Frankensteel at Teacher’s Camp

This summer Thermo-Calc was used by teachers at a materials camp at MIT to design and make a self-healing material known as Frankensteel. The camp was put on by MIT to introduce teachers to materials science and give them the resources and knowledge to bring it back to their classrooms. 

The teachers used Thermo-Calc to design four variations of Frankensteel, a self-healing material that was inspired by The T-1000, the shape-shifting villain from Terminator 2. After the design process, they made and tested the materials. Most of the work that was done at the camp can be recreated in a high school lab, and all of the teachers received a free copy of Thermo-Calc, giving them an exciting way to introduce materials science to their students. 

You can see pictures from the camp and learn more about the Frankensteels that were designed at the MIT Materials Research Laboratory website. 

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