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Thermo-Calc Software Supports Customers during Confinement

As months of uncertainty in the shadow of the corona crisis pass us by, authorities around the world are still advising many of us to work from home to prevent the spread of the virus. Responding to this advice, Thermo-Calc Software decided to offer complimentary licenses to existing customers to ensure that researchers working with our tools can continue to pursue their work. Since then, many members of the Thermo-Calc community have accepted the offer, and the feedback from them has been heartwarming. Anders Engström, President & CEO of Thermo-Calc Software AB, reflects on the decision.


Anders Engström, President & CEO of Thermo-Calc Software, shares his thoughts on the time of confinement.

“At Thermo-Calc Software, we followed the reports of the coronavirus closely at an early stage. Due to the nature of our business, we were able to quickly support our staff in working from home. As we saw a growing number of our customers doing the same, we realised that offering complimentary temporary licenses to our customers could allow them to continue their work while in confinement. At the same time, we received the first request from a customer in the UK, asking us to support their staff to work from home, still using the Thermo-Calc tools. Following that, our decision fell into place and we took immediate action on a broad scale. Currently, all our customers are offered the same possibility.

We have had very positive feedback from our customers. The number of customers who have used the offer has by far exceeded our expectations. It feels really good to be able to support them in this difficult time.

As the corona crisis continues, Thermo-Calc Software still adheres to a work from home policy. We try to conduct business as usual to the extent possible. Our development is progressing well and the 2020b release, with several important updates, is still scheduled for June. This is all according to plan. Unfortunately, our spring training courses had to be cancelled. We are now looking into alternative options, which may include going digital and offering online training.


Laboratories and research facilities all over the world are on lock down, curtailing the work of Thermo-Calc users. To encourage research programs to continue, Thermo-Calc Software supports the confinement policies by granting complimentary licenses.

Like many, I look forward to small things, such as being able to visit my parents and friends again. I also hope that when this is all over, we embrace what we have learned from these times. I imagine how we can use digital tools to deliver our training courses, thus making them more accessible to our customers on a global scale, whilst reducing the environmental footprint associated with long distance travel. I also hope this crisis in the end makes the world leaders realize that the power of collaboration and cooperation makes everyone stronger”.

Are you in confinement and in need of a complimentary Thermo-Calc software license to continue with your research? Complimentary licenses to our existing customers are available. These licenses are temporary and for all customers with network licenses. Please contact for further information.

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