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Thermo-Calc Educational Package Available on nanoHUB as Cloud-based Software


The Thermo-Calc Free Educational Package is now available on nanoHUB as cloud-based software. This is the same Free Educational Package that has been available to download from our website for over a decade, but this new partnership with nanoHUB offers a convenient way to use the software without needing to download it to your computer.

To access the Thermo-Calc Educational Package on nanoHUB as cloud-based software, visit the Thermo-Calc nanoHub page and request membership into the group.

The downloadable version of our Free Educational Package will continue to be available on our website.

Thermo-Calc as a Teaching Tool

As part of our launch on nanoHUB, we gave a presentation discussing how commercial tools like Thermo-Calc can be used to teach fundamental thermodynamics and kinetics in the classroom. The presentation, Integrated Computational Materials Engineering in the Classroom, includes several ideas of how educators can use Thermo-Calc in their lessons, such as teaching the simulation of Darken’s classic “uphill diffusion.” The presentation then walks viewers through a few of the examples, including a case study on additive manufacturing.

Support for Academia

Thermo-Calc Software has long supported academia in a variety of ways. In addition to providing the Educational Package at no cost, we support several summer school programs through teaching, sponsorships, and providing free versions of our software and databases. Additionally, the majority owner of Thermo-Calc Software is the non-profit foundation “Stiftelsen för Tillämpad Termodynamik” (STT), which supports research within the field of computational thermodynamics by distributing scholarships to young researchers active in the field.

As integrated computational materials engineering becomes more widely used in research and industry, we believe it is important to equip the workforce of tomorrow with the skills necessary to use these programs. Thermo-Calc Software is proud to provide support to help universities access the necessary tools and learn how to use and teach them.

About the Free Educational Package

The Thermo-Calc Educational Package includes a limited version of the Thermo-Calc software, a collection of demo databases, and educational material for teaching and learning about the software and about thermodynamic and kinetic theory. It is available for free and intended for educational purposes only.

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