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Thermo-Calc 4.1 Release


Thermo-Calc Software are excited to announce the release of our latest software, which includes:

  • New version 4.1 of Thermo-Calc
  • New silicon mobility database, MOBSI1
  • Updates to three other databases – TCNI7, MOBNI3, and TCSI1
  • New version 9.1 of the TQ-Interface Software Development Kit
  • New version 7.1 of the TC-API Software Development Kit
  • New version 7.1 of the TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® Software Development Kit

Current Maintenance and Support customers can expect to receive updates of the software and applicable databases via email within the next few weeks.

Beginning with this release, we will no longer be supporting Windows XP for any Thermo-Calc Software products.

New Type of Calculation

This release includes an entirely new type of calculation called a ’Property Grid’. The property grid extends the regular property diagram by allowing you to calculate properties on a surface, essentially allowing you to render 3D calculations on a 2D plot. By giving you a third plot variable, you can now calculate, for instance, the driving force for precipitation or phase fractions as functions of two compositions.

Property grids can be visualised in two different plots, either a heat map (shown to the right) or a contour diagram.

This feature is only available in graphical mode.


New Plot Variable

One new upgrade that may interest our more advanced users is the addition of the u-fraction plot variable to Thermo-Calc graphical mode. This plot variable was already available in the console mode.

Improved Plot Configuration

The plotting feature of Thermo-Calc has gotten more user friendly in this release. In previous versions, when you plot something and then change some configuration without performing the plot again, the automatic update of the plot can result in a confusing plot that does not match the configuration.

In this release, you can make all your changes and then hit ’perform’ again to get the new plot, eliminating these useless intermediate plots.

In order to avoid potential confusion, the system will note that your calculation and plot do not contain the same information while you are making your changes.

Time Saving Default Variables

The calculation step has also gotten more user friendly in this release. Each calculation type, including the new property grid, has been given a set of default variables that will automatically appear when you start your calculation and will reappear each time you start a new calculation type. The default variables that have been selected for each calculation type are intended to save you time and make the calculation process easier.

New Shortcuts in Console Mode

The console mode of Thermo-Calc has also gotten some user friendly upgrades with the addition of new keyboard shortcuts and menu items for opening and closing new consoles and console result windows.

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