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The Completely Rebuilt TC-Toolbox for MATLAB®

Good news for MATLAB® users; as of the Thermo-Calc 2021b release, TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® was completely rebuilt! The new TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® has major improvements compared to the previous version, now called Legacy TC-Toolbox, and can perform almost all calculation types available throughout Thermo-Calc and its modules.


TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® is a Thermo-Calc Software API that provides an interface to the MATLAB® software for scientific and engineering computing. It is ideal for fast realization of ideas and visualization of results during both research and development activities. Read on to learn about all of the new features and improvements in the new TC-Toolbox for MATLAB®.

Offers Better User Experience

The new TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® offers significant improvements to the user experience when compared to Legacy TC-Toolbox. For instance, the newly rebuilt API offers good default values, prompts users to add missing information, and includes intelligent code completion and improved error messages. This minimizes the occurrence of errors and makes it an easy option even for those who do not have experience working with APIs. Additionally, there is no significant difference in speed of calculation despite the increased functionality. 

Toolbox_Intelligent Code Completion and Error Messages_cropped-01

TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® now includes intelligent code completion and offers improved error messages.

Unlike Legacy TC-Toolbox, the new TC-Toolbox takes an object-oriented approach, which makes it easier to reuse information and more quickly run your calculations when you need to change the compositions. It also allows users to do parallel computations. However, this requires an additional third-party toolbox available for MATLAB®

The installation process has also been improved. In many cases, TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® will now automatically be installed with the Thermo-Calc software installation program if the MATLAB® software is already installed on your computer.

Allows for ICME and AI Applications

The newly rebuilt TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® makes it easy to integrate Thermo-Calc within a pipeline of other software. This allows for a complete ICME experience and the possibility for applications to Artificial Intelligence. The only easy way to do this before the rebuild of TC-Toolbox was to use TC-Python, but now there are two good ways to do it.

Most Calculation Types Now Available in TC-Toolbox

The new TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® allows for almost all types of calculations available in Thermo-Calc. Previously, the API only included single equilibrium calculations. After the rebuild, the API now includes:

  • Single point equilibrium
  • Property diagrams (step)
  • Phase diagrams
  • Scheil solidification simulations
  • Batch calculations
  • Diffusion simulations*
  • Precipitation simulations*
  • Property Model Calculations, including General Models and the Steel Model Library**

*Requires a license for the relevant Add-On Module to make calculations with more than three elements.

**Requires a license for the Steel Model Library.

Integrates with Most Add-On Modules

The newly rebuilt API integrates with most of the Add-On Modules offered in Thermo-Calc software. Users who have a license for the Steel Model Library, Diffusion Module (DICTRA), or Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA) can now use the range of functionality included in those products. Integration with the Process Metallurgy Module is currently under development and will be available in a coming release.

Includes Many Calculation Examples

The new TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® includes 34 example calculations, which will make it easier for new users to get started and learn how to use the program. In addition to learning the API, the examples can be used as a starting point to build your own calculations. This is a major upgrade compared to the Legacy TC-Toolbox that only included five calculation examples.

Easily Accessible Help and Documentation

The documentation for the new TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® has also been completely rebuilt and is now more easily accessible as it is integrated into the MATLAB® software. The documentation is available both as an interactive help system that is available online and from within your software, and as a standalone PDF. There are three ways to access the content:

  • Directly in MATLAB® via the Help menu
  • From the website in HTML format or as a PDF
  • Locally in your Thermo-Calc installation
Toolbox_Integrated Help System_cropped

An integrated help system is now offered in TC-Toolbox for MATLAB®.

Easier Implementation of New Functions

As a result of the rebuild, it is now easier to implement new features and upgrades to the API. Therefore, more frequent upgrades can be expected in the future. New features and fixes will continuously be added to the TC-Toolbox for MATLAB®. One of the big upcoming improvements is the integration of the Process Metallurgy Module, which users can expect in an upcoming release.

Legacy TC-Toolbox Can Still be Used

The previous version, Legacy TC-Toolbox, can still be installed alongside the new version. You can also run both versions at the same time, but there is no communication between them. With Legacy TC-Toolbox, it is only possible to perform single equilibrium calculations, which limits the scope of simulations possible.

As of the 2021b release, the documentation for Legacy TC-Toolbox is no longer available in the Thermo-Calc help, with an exception for the installation instructions. However, the Legacy documentation is still available as a PDF from the documentation archive on our website. It is also available with any previously installed version of Thermo-Calc. 

Legacy TC-Toolbox will no longer be supported as of Thermo-Calc version 2023a, scheduled for January 2023. It is, therefore, recommended to migrate the old scripts from Legacy TC-Toolbox to the new TC-Toolbox for MATLAB®.

Get Started with the New TC-Toolbox for MATLAB®

TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® is available as an add-on to a Thermo-Calc license. In order to run TC-Toolbox for MATLAB®, it is necessary to have Thermo-Calc and at least one thermodynamic and properties database installed. 

TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® also requires a license for MATLAB® software.

TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® is available on Windows platforms. It will also be available on Mac and Linux platforms in future releases.

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