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Scholarship Honors Larry Kaufman

The Kaufman CALPHAD Scholarship was established by the TMS Foundation in honor of Dr. Larry Kaufman, the founder of CALPHAD, Inc. and the creator of the CALPHAD method.

The Kaufman CALPHAD Scholarship honors Dr. Kaufman’s work in computational thermodynamics, a field he is considered to have founded.


Larry Kaufman (1930-2013)
The founder of CALPHAD
and the father of
Materials Genome

Dr. Kaufman earned his BS in metallurgic engineering in 1952 from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn. He went on to earn a graduate degree at MIT, where his professor Morris Cohen introduced him to the ideas that would become the CALPHAD method. His results were published in 1955 and after graduation he continued in the same line of research and eventually developed the CALPHAD method as we know it today. For a more detailed look at his research, view our Historic Note on Lattice Stabilities.

The initial fund for the scholarship was donated by CALPHAD, Inc., an organisation created by Dr. Kaufman in 1975 to promote the CALPHAD methodology and its corresponding journal and annual meetings.

A $1000 scholarship is awarded annually to one undergraduate student majoring in metallurgical engineering, materials science and engineering or minerals processing/extraction. The award also includes a $500 travel stipend to the annual TMS meeting, where the recipient will formally receive the scholarship. Learn more and apply here.

Contributions to the fund can be made online at the TMS website. Donors are asked to write “For Larry Kaufman CALPHAD Scholarship” in the “Special Instructions”.

Contributors will be recognized on the TMS Foundation web page for this scholarship under the list of donors.

Thank you to all who consider donating.

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