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QuesTek Europe Launches New Website

The Thermo-Calc Software joint venture, QuesTek Europe, has announced the launch of a new website, The goal of the new website is to provide current and prospective clients and partners an easier way to learn about QuesTek Europe’s services and contribution to technological development through both industrial and academic collaborations.


A screenshot of the new QuesTek Europe website, where one can learn about their state-of-the-art novel materials design and development services.

QuesTek Europe is a joint venture between Thermo-Calc Software AB and QuesTek International, the global leader in Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME). QuesTek Europe invents and brings to market purpose-designed materials for products across diverse industries using Thermo-Calc Software products and the proprietary Materials by DesignTM methodology developed by QuesTek International.

The new website provides easier access to information regarding their services and projects, materials and applications, and the Materials by DesignTM methodology. Meet the team and the Board of directors and learn whether QuesTek Europe’s materials design and development services can help you reach new levels of productivity through innovative materials solutions.

As a leader in computational materials design and multiscale materials modelling working with a wide variety of material classes and towards a broad range of industries, QuesTek Europe strives to keep their services and expertise up-to-date with current market needs and state-of-the-art scientific breakthroughs. Stay tuned for updates on new projects and collaborations, examples of application of materials modelling and Materials by DesignTM to cutting-edge technology development, and other exciting QuesTek news.

About QuesTek Europe

QuesTek Europe AB is a global leader in Materials Design and Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME). Founded in 2016 as a corporate joint venture between QuesTek International LLC and Thermo-Calc Software AB, QuesTek Europe brings together QuesTek USA’s Materials by DesignTM expertise with the computational software development expertise of Thermo-Calc Software. By doing this, they are able to offer ICME technologies and modelling services, as well as designed novel materials, to the European market. For more information about QuesTek Europe, visit or contact us at

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