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Qing Chen and Paul Mason Inducted into ASM Fellows Class of 2022

Two Thermo-Calc Software employees, Prof. Qing Chen and Paul Mason, were inducted into the ASM Fellows Class of 2022. The fellows were announced on  ASM’s website in May this year and the ceremony was held earlier this week during the IMAT conference in New Orleans, USA. The honor is bestowed upon technical and professional leaders for their distinguished contributions to materials science and engineering. 


Paul Mason and Qing Chen at the ASM banquet where they were inducted into the ASM Fellows Class of 2022. 

About the ASM Fellow of the Society

The Fellow of the Society was established in 1969 by ASM not only as a way to honor the inductees, but also to establish a group of advisors to ASM’s board of trustees. Inductees offer technical and professional expertise to the board, which, according to ASM’s website, “enhances the society’s standing as a leading organization for materials and provides a unique resource to serve the worldwide community of materials scientists and engineers in the years ahead.” Twenty-two new fellows were inducted this year, including two from Thermo-Calc Software.

About Prof. Qing Chen


Professor Qing Chen

Prof. Chen is Chief Scientific Officer and Director of Research and Innovation at Thermo-Calc Software. He served as the Director of Database Development for over ten years, where he built and led the largest corporate CALPHAD team and oversaw unprecedented growth in the development of databases of thermodynamic, kinetic, and thermophysical properties for a large spectrum of metallic alloys and oxides. Prof. Chen is also a key developer of several software modules in Thermo-Calc, including the Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA), the Scheil Solidification Module, and the TQ-interface API. He is currently also an Adjunct Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Prof. Chen’s main research interests focus on CALPHAD-based modeling of phase diagrams, phase transformations, microstructure evolution, and thermophysical properties. He has authored more than 90 scientific papers.

About Paul Mason


Paul Mason
President of Thermo-Calc Software Inc

In 2004, Paul Mason was appointed President of Thermo-Calc Software Inc, the US subsidiary of Thermo-Calc Software AB. In this role, Paul has been responsible for marketing and sales, technical support, training, customer relations, and establishing strategic partnerships for the North American market. Paul is a champion of the use of computational tools to drive innovation and productivity in the materials industry. He is an active member of both TMS and ASM and has been chair of the TMS Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) Committee and the ASM Alloy Phase Diagram Committee. He is the current Chair of the TMS Materials Processing and Manufacturing Division and serves on the Board of Directors of TMS.

Congratulations to Prof. Chen, Mr. Mason, and all of the inductees to the ASM Fellows Class of 2022.

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