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Presentation About Steelmaking Simulations Using the Process Metallurgy Module

During the ESTAD 2021 conference, Dr. Ralf Rettig, one of the software developers at Thermo-Calc Software, held a presentation about performing both equilibrium and kinetic calculations of steelmaking using the Process Metallurgy Module offered by Thermo-Calc Software. We are now making the presentation publicly available for all to view.

About the Presentation

In the presentation “Simulating the Equilibrium and Kinetics of Steelmaking Using the Thermo-Calc Process Metallurgy Module,” Dr. Rettig presents an overview of the Process Metallurgy Module. He discusses both the modeling of thermodynamic equilibrium in steelmaking and the modeling of kinetics in full-scale steelmaking processes. Dr. Rettig also presents an application example about the different aspects of the industrial ladle furnace, showing both equilibrium and kinetic calculations of the process. 


The Process Metallurgy Module can be used to calculate many important aspects of the steelmaking process, such as desulfurization. This plot shows the target region (shown by the blue dot) with the lowest possible sulfur content while still having liquid slag. We can also see what effect the FeO content has on the desulfurization by comparing the two different plots.

About the Process Metallurgy Module

The Process Metallurgy Module is an add-on module within the Thermo-Calc that makes it easy to set up calculations for steel and slag. The module is primarily designed for application to steelmaking and steel refining including converters, such as basic oxygen furnaces, electric arc furnaces, ladle furnace metallurgy, and more. Additionally, the Process Metallurgy Module can be applied to other metallurgical processes as well.


About the Presenter

Dr. Ralf Rettig finished his PhD on modeling the precipitation of TCP-phases in nickel-based superalloys in 2010. After working as a group leader for high temperature materials at the University of Erlangen, he joined Thermo-Calc Software in Stockholm in 2016. Dr. Rettig has been working on a variety of projects, especially on the development of TC-Python, TC-Toolbox, and the Process Metallurgy Module.

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