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New Scheil Module!

The 2015b release of Thermo-Calc includes a completely re-written Scheil module which is easier to use and offers several new features.

Most notably, the new module adds the possibility of using global minimization, making calculations more robust. The new module also has the ability to calculate with a miscibility gap present in the liquid, as well as an option to specify which phase to treat as liquid.

View the New Scheil Calculator in Action:

Skärmbild 2020-12-30 163221

This new module will also allow users to generate a segregation profile which can be imported into DICTRA and used for further calculations there, e.g. for simulating heat treatment processes.

The wizard in console mode has also been improved by moving certain options to the module and, in so doing, limiting the number of questions in the wizard. Users will have the choice to set several optional conditions before the simulation is started.

For those using the GUI, the table renderer will now work in this mode, so users can tabulate and export their results.

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