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High Satisfaction Shown in Our 2020 Customer Survey

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Customer Satisfaction Survey for 2020! This year we focused on a general understanding of what you are satisfied with, what we need to improve and which material properties you would like us to develop. We received a lot of useful information, which has been analyzed and is now being integrated into our development roadmaps.


Thermo-Calc Software employees at a company retreat in 2018. Our employees work hard to maintain high levels of satisfaction for all of our users.

A Growing Number of Users would Recommend Thermo-Calc Software Products

When asked to describe how satisfied you are with our products, 65 percent of you said that you are extremely likely to continue to use them, and a growing number of you are also happy to recommend Thermo-Calc to a friend or colleague. Based on this year’s survey, our Net Promoter Score is plus 44, which is our highest score since we began our customer surveys in 2014. A Net Promoter Score is a widely used metric that allows companies to measure customer satisfaction and the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s products or services to others. The increase that we observed in our score this year encourages us that we are on the right track.

Development Priorities for Materials Properties

Beginning with the 2020a release, we added materials properties to our databases in addition to the standard thermodynamic data, for instance viscosity, surface tension, thermal conductivity and more. This new property data is essential for simulating the mass and heat transfer in material manufacturing processes, for example casting and 3D printing, but it is usually not available in a composition specific form. In this year’s survey, we asked you about which properties data you would like us to add. Your responses showed great interest in all the materials properties we asked you to evaluate. Our directors are reviewing your responses closely and will use them to steer our roadmap. Stay tuned for more information about which new materials properties will be included in upcoming releases.


Many Requests for Advanced Videos

Over the last years, based on our feedback from previous surveys, we have worked to improve our documentation. These efforts have proved worthwhile. The numbers indicate that most of you consider the documentation to have improved since 2016, and that it keeps improving. This year, we also asked for feedback regarding our video tutorials. The videos proved to be appreciated by many of you. There were also many requests for more advanced videos that discuss the applications of our software, as well as videos showing how to use TC-Python. Based on this feedback, we will begin creating these types of videos. You should see them coming out as early as spring 2021. We will also re-make some of the older videos, as they are losing usefulness with age.


94 Percent Satisfaction in Customer Support

Our ratings for customer support have increased over the years in all the categories we ask about. The overall experiences you have had with our customer support score high. Many of your kind comments are truly heartwarming. You also report to be satisfied with the Maintenance and Support Subscriptions. Some of you mentioned that it occasionally takes a while to get a response from us. This tends to happen when an issue is passed from our general support team to our product specialists. We have made it a priority to address this and improve our response time. As a first step, we have begun the process of migrating to a new support system, which will help us provide a smoother and faster process when you contact us. We hope to have this new system fully implemented by mid-2021.


The charts from technical and non-technical support show high rates of satisfaction from customers on all addressed areas.

Questions You Asked Us in the Survey

Some of you asked questions in the survey. Since the answers are anonymous, we cannot contact you via the survey. Please mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Donations to Charities

As a thank you for participating in the survey, we asked you to choose from three charities, which we donate money to. This year, the Kaufman CALPHAD ScholarshipUNICEF International and the International Committee of the Red Cross all received a generous cash donation from Thermo-Calc Software on behalf of our survey participants.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in the 2020 survey! The time many of you took to write long and thoughtful answers is much appreciated. We endeavor to meet your expectations when integrating your feedback and look forward to another exciting year with the Thermo-Calc community.

The 2020 Customer Satisfaction Survey was conducted in April and May. The results are analyzed and used when deciding upon our road maps. If you have any further ideas and feedback, or any questions, please mail us at

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