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Announcing Thermo-Calc 2015b

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This Release Brings Some Exciting New Features:

  • The Property Model Calculator, which is an entirely new calculator that allows users to predict and optimise properties of materials using models stored within the software
  • A newly rebuilt Scheil Calculator
  • A new Online Help system that is fully searchable and cross-linked for easy use
  • Two new databases – TCHEA: a high entropy alloys database and MOBMG: a kinetic database for mg-based alloys
  • Databases Packages which allow users to store groups of databases together for faster loading
  • Databases now load faster from the second time you load them
  • New legend styles that provide more information
  • Several improvements to the plot renderer, including the ability to add additional axes groups to a plot and the ability to merge, or overlay, results from several variables into one diagram

Introducing the Property Model Calculator

An entirely new calculator that allows users to predict and optimize properties of materials based on models stored within the software.

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Introducing the Entirely Re-written Scheil Module

It is easier to use and offers several new features such as global minimization, the ability to calculate with a miscibility gap present in the liquid and the ability to generate a segreation profile which can be exported and used in DICTRA.

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