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Thermo-Calc is used extensively in academia for research in a variety of areas related to fundamental research of materials as well as engineering fields such as materials design and process development. Learn how Thermo-Calc can help you in your research. 

Accurate Data

Our products are ideal for research in an academic environment because they provide information that is essential for understanding the properties of materials and addressing engineering challenges without requiring experimental work. For those who do not have access to experimental facilities, our tools provide insights that would otherwise be unobtainable, can speed up the rate of research, provide significant cost savings, and give a deeper understanding of the experimental results.

Consistent Results

Computational tools have the advantage, when compared to handbooks, in providing self-consistent data, so your results do not vary based on changing sources. Additionally, our tools provide more complete results than the limited information available in handbooks, so users do not have to extrapolate from the limited data available. When using Thermo-Calc, your research benefits from a comprehensive data set and proven methodologies that give you access to the most extensive predictive materials data available.

Link to Other Programs

Data generated with Thermo-Calc and the Add-on Modules can easily be extracted for use in your own models, and, when using one of our Software Development Kits (SDKs), your software can work interactively with the calculation core of Thermo-Calc. Read about the Software Development Kits.

Discounted License Fees

A special package and discounted license fees are available to academic institutions that have authority to teach and examine undergraduate students. The special package is referred to as the Academic Network Site Package (ANSP) and you can learn more about it on the Licensing Options page.

Use Cases

Read about a research center at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, that is working to improve the materials design process, with the goal of developing ways to create better materials faster. Read the story.

Read about how one PhD student is using our tools in his research to design novel alloys that will benefit the transport and energy sector. Read the story.

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