The ADVANCE Project

The Project

The Project


  • WP1 enables the dissemination and exploitation of the ADVANCE findings and is devised to ensure lean, efficient, and effective management of the project.
  • WP2 is dedicated to sample preparation, in other words, to carefully generate the samples that will be used later for detailed analysis in WP3, WP4, and WP5. This includes levitation melting from high purity metals, equilibrium heat treatments, and full compositional analysis on different length scales for both as melted alloys and equilibrated samples.
  • WP3 will deal with ex situ metallographic inspection, using state-of-the-art techniques for determination of phases, phase fractions, phase constitution, and phase transition temperatures.
  • WP4 focuses on analysis by in situ HEXRD experiments to determine the qualitative and quantitative phase constitution, phase transitions, and ordering/disordering temperatures with a special emphasis on the formation of the ordered ω phase.
  • In WP5, ex situ metallographic inspection will use high-resolution techniques to accurately determine phases present, their constitution, and the orientation relationship to each other. WP3, WP4, and WP5 complement each other.
  • WP6 will use the results from WP3, WP4, and WP5, that is, the data determined under different conditions (for example, on stable phases, phase fractions, phase constitution, and phase transition temperatures) and perform CALPHAD assessments including parameter optimisation for individual subsystems. These updated descriptions will be merged into an advanced CALPHAD database.

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This project has received funding From the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation Programme under grant agreement No 820647.

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