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Ultra-high Temperature Materials Database

TCUHTM2  is a thermodynamic and properties database designed for use with Ultra-high Temperature Materials, with applications in hypersonic, aerospace, and other extreme environments.

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TCUHTM2 Quick Overview

    • Gibbs Energy
      • Molar volume
      • ELEMENTS: B, C, Hf, N, O, Si, Ta, Zr

Ultra-High Temperature Materials Database

TCUHM2 is a thermodynamic database for ultra-high temperature materials that can be used for applications including hypersonic aircraft and space vehicles. These materials are typically non-oxides with melting/decomposition temperatures in excess of 3000 °C. Examples include borides, nitrides, and carbides of Group IV-V metals in the periodic table, such as ZrB2, HfB2, ZrC, HfC, TaC, and HfN. Si is also included as SiC can be used to improve oxidation resistance. The database can be used to calculate phase diagrams and thermodynamic properties of assessed systems, but also for predicting phase equilibria, melting temperatures, and simulating operation processes for a wide range of compositions.

TCUHTM2 enables predictions (such as multicomponent phase equilibria calculations, equilibrium solidification simulations, and Scheil solidification simulations) to be made for multicomponent systems and alloys of industrial importance. This means that the database can be used to extrapolate to higher-order systems by combining several critically assessed systems.

TCUHTM2 was developed to be used with nearly our entire suite of products: Thermo-Calc, the Add-on Modules, except for the Additive Manufacturing Module, and all available SDKs.

TCUHTM2 does not currently have a corresponding mobility database.

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