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Customer-specific Databases

Custom database development can sometimes be necessary and may be a suitable option for some users.

Experts in Database Generation

Development of databases containing thermodynamic, kinetic, and properties data requires certain expertise and is relatively time consuming. Thermo-Calc Software employs a team of experts for this and also possesses a large library of assessed systems to base such work on. This makes Thermo-Calc Software a strong partner for those clients who wish to either improve or extend an existing database or develop a completely new database, but it also means that the process is a rather large undertaking. 

We constantly have a small number of funded projects running in which we extend an existing database on behalf of a client or a group of clients. If you believe your organization would be a good candidate for such a project, please contact us to discuss the possibility of having us develop a database for you. Under the right circumstances, we are happy to take on a project to generate databases which are developed to meet your specific needs.

Are You Missing Data from an Existing Database?

If any of our databases are nearly suitable for your needs, but are missing crucial data, such as an element, please let us know. Many of our databases are under constant development, so we may be able to adjust our development priorities to accommodate users who request specific data.

Let Us Help You Find the Right Database

If you are unable to find a database from our selection, please contact us to discuss whether there is an existing database that is suitable for your needs. Many of the databases have applications beyond what is discussed on our website.

Let Us Help You

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