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ICME 2023

Orlando, USA| May 21 – 25, 2023

The 7th World Congress on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME 2023) convenes leading researchers and practitioners to share the latest knowledge and advances in the discipline. This congress is the recognized hub of interaction among software developers and process engineers along the entire production chain, as well as for materials scientists and engineers developing new materials.

This is the only congress dedicated to bringing all stakeholders together from across nations, disciplines, and organizations to focus on integration priorities and gaps that need to be addressed in order to advance the field.

ICME 2023 will benefit researchers, software developers, metallurgists, materials scientists and engineers, process engineers, senior scientists, chief technology officers, and a variety of others working in R&D. Attendees will gain insights on recent advances and discuss opportunities to overcome challenges in the field.

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Applications of CALPHAD Based Tools to Additive Manufacturing

Authors: Andreas Markström, Amer Malik, Minh Do Quang, Johan Jeppsson, Paul Mason
Date: Monday 22 May 2023
Time: 3:40 PM
Session: Mat Data & Platform: II
Location: Caribe Royale – Boca V-VII

The Role of Computational Materials Design in the Circular Economy of Materials

Authors: Paul Mason, Anders Engström
Date: Tuesday 23 May 2023
Time: 1:20 PM
Session: ICME Design Tools: II
Location: Caribe Royale – Caribbean IV

An ICME Workflow to Assess the Process Sensitivity of the Heat Treatment of IN718

Authors: Paul Mason, Taiwu Yu, Thomas Barkar, Carl-Magnus Lancelot
Date: Wednesday 24 May 2023
Time: 10:40 AM
Session: Linkages: Microstructure II
Location: Caribbean VI & VII

Thermo-Calc Software at the Event

We will have a table top exhibit at the event. We hope to see you there! 

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