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Steelmaking and Steel Refining

Steelmaking and Steel Refining using Thermo-Calc and the TCOX9 Database

This in-depth webinar discusses the applications of Thermo-Calc to steelmaking and steel refining using the new Process Metallurgy Module and the TCOX9 thermodynamic database for oxides and slags.

Speaker: Nicholas Grundy

Topics includes:

In this webinar, attendees will learn about the CALPHAD approach, including:

  • An introduction to Thermo-Calc
  • An introduction to the CALPHAD method
  • An explanation of TCOX9, the thermodynamic database for oxides and slags
  • A discussion of the Process Metallurgy Module for steel and slag
  • Applications of TCOX9 and the Process Metallurgy Module to steelmaking and steel refining
  • An example of kinetic modeling of the steelmaking process

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